Artefacts, Tanzanian Siblings, Mother Tongue, Ayurveda figure in Mann Ki Baat


New Delhi: In the 86th episode of his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on February 27, 2022, touched upon various points.

PM Modi highlighted how India has been able to successfully bring back over 200 idols since 2014 with the help of countries like the US, Canada, and Britain.

The Prime Minister also praised the Tanzanian siblings, Kili Paul and his sister Neema, who have gained immense popularity on social media for their on-point lip-sync videos and groovy choreography of Indian songs.

Talking about the International Mother Language Day that was observed few days ago, PM Modi said: “Those who are learned can give a lot of academic input about where the word mother tongue came from, how it originated. I would emphasise about mother tongue that as our mother moulds our life, in the same manner, mother tongue also shapes our life. The mother and mother tongue, both together strengthen the foundation of life; lending it permanence.”

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He added: “Even after 75 years of independence, some people are facing a mental dilemma due to which they have reservations with regard to their language, their dress, their food, and drink, whereas, it is not like this anywhere else in the world. It is our mother tongue; we should speak it with pride.”

PM Modi also congratulated Marathi people on the occasion of Marathi Bhasha Gaurav Divas, which was celebrated on February 27.

“This day is dedicated to Marathi Kaviraj, Vishnu Vaman Shirvadkar ji, Shriman Kusumagraj ji. Today is also the birth anniversary of Kusumagraj ji. Kusumagraj ji wrote poems in Marathi, wrote many plays, and took Marathi literature to new heights.”

The Prime Minister also shared his conversation with Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga wherein the Kenyan Prime Minister told him how his daughter regained her eyesight due to Ayurvedic treatment at a Kerala hospital.

“It is a matter of great happiness for me that from our land and our tradition have alleviated such a great suffering from someone’s life. You will also be happy to hear this. Which Indian would not be proud of it? We all know that not only Odinga ji but lakhs of people across the world are reaping similar benefits from Ayurveda.”

The Prime Minister also happily noted peoples’ participation in ‘Mission Jal Thal’ and ‘Clean India Mission’.

Talking about upcoming International Women’s Day, PM Modi said: “Today, whether it is Skill India, Self Help Group, small or big industries, women have taken the lead everywhere. Wherever you see, women are dispelling old myths. Today, in our country, From Parliament to Panchayat, women are reaching newer heights in different fields. In the Army too, daughters are now playing responsibilities in new and bigger roles and are protecting the country.”

Mentioning the ‘National Science Day’, which is celebrated February 28 every year, PM Modi said: “This day is also known for the discovery of Raman Effect. Along with CV Raman ji, I pay my respectful tribute to all the scientists who have contributed significantly in enriching our scientific journey.”

Extending best wishes to the countrymen for upcoming Shivratri and Holi festivals, Prime Minister Modi said: “You should buy local products on festivals so that the lives of the people living around you also become colourful and vibrant.” (Press Release)


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