Congress, Opposition do politics of ‘lies and deceit’: Nadda

BJP President JP Nadda addresses BJP’s Shakti Kendra conveners and in-charges in Uttarakhand through video conference in New Delhi on September 29, 2021. (BJP Live – Twitter)

New Delhi: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) President JP Nadda on September 29, 2021, accused Congress and other opposition parties of doing politics of ‘lies and deceit’.

Addressing the BJP’s Shakti Kendra conveners and in-charges in Uttarakhand through video conference, the BJP President also said that the Congress and other Opposition parties have a habit of ‘disappearing’ after making lucrative promises.

“Other parties don’t have issues, so they are doing politics of lies and deceit. We should not allow the holy land of Uttarakhand to be polluted by their lies and deceit. The BJP Workers should bring the truth of the people who make false and alluring promises and then disappear to the public,” Nadda said.

Nadda claimed that the BJP gave a developmental and public welfare government in the state.

He claimed that the Center and the state government have made “unprecedented” development in Uttarakhand, which has benefited the last man of the society.

“Due to its policies, development works of the Centre and state government and dedication of the workers, the BJP will win in the upcoming assembly elections,” said the BJP President.

Taking a jibe at the opposition parties, Nadda alleged that other political parties believe that politics is possible with money power and muscle power, while the BJP’s power lies in its workers.

“Even the opponents also believe that if there is a worker-based party in the country today, it is the BJP. In all other political parties the workers are individualistic whereas the workers of BJP are considerate and dutiful,” said Nadda.

He also said that while other political parties have broken so many times, the BJP has become stronger.

“The BJP is the only political party in the country, which, despite being in opposition for decades, has neither broken nor disintegrated, but has become increasingly powerful because we are a worker-based party.”

Referring to the agitations of farmers’ organizations against the three agricultural laws, the BJP president claimed that no other government has taken as many steps in the interest of farmers as the BJP-led central government.

He said, “I challenge… you compare Congress governments and ours, and tell people who worked with dedication towards farmers. Congress should tell how much money it spent for the welfare of farmers during the 10 years of UPA (United Progressive Alliance) rule?”

He alleged that Congress waived the loans of farmers once in 10 years and there were reports of scams in that too. (PW News)

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