Cooperative movement is most relevant today: Shah

Union Minister Amit Shah addresses the ‘National Cooperative Conference’ in New Delhi on September 25, 2021. (PIB)

New Delhi: Union Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah on September 25, 2021, said Cooperative movement is most relevant today.

Addressing the ‘National Cooperative Conference’ held here as the Chief Guest, Shah said many people question the relevance of cooperatives and they feel that the cooperative movement has become irrelevant, but the cooperative movement is most relevant today and there is a long way to go.

“The role of the cooperative movement is connecting every village with cooperatives, making every village prosperous with the mantra of prosperity from cooperation and through this making the country prosperous.”

Shah said that the vision of welfare of the poor and Antyodaya cannot happen without cooperatives.

He said that the path of development of crores of farmers, underprivileged, backward, Dalits, the poor, neglected, and women of the country can be paved only through cooperatives.

“Cooperatives make a very important contribution in the development of the country and this contribution is still there, but still many dimensions are yet to be reached. It will have to be thought afresh, it will have to be outlined anew, the scope of our work will have to be increased, transparency will have to be brought in the work, and the cooperative movement will have to be included in the work as a nature and culture and shall have to move forward.”

He said whenever there was talk of development in the country earlier, Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay first talked about Antyodaya.

“Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay first talked about Antyodaya and today his birthday is the day to receive inspiration for lakhs and crores of workers. After 75 years of Independence and at a time when the cooperative movement was most needed, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, created the Ministry of Cooperation,” the Minister said and thanked the Prime Minister on behalf of crores of people of the cooperative sector across the nation for forming the Ministry of cooperation.

The Union Minister of State for Cooperation, Shri B. L. Verma, President of the International Cooperative Alliance (Global), Dr. Ariel Guarko, Secretary, Ministry of Cooperation and Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and all co-operatives including India’s leading cooperatives – IFFCO, National Cooperative Federation of India, Amul, Sahakar Bharti, NAFED and KRIBHCO and many other dignitaries of the cooperatives family were also present.

Here are highlights of Amit Shah’s Speech:

* Cooperation is imbibed in the nature and culture of the people of India, and it is not a borrowed idea, that is why the cooperative movement in India can never become irrelevant

* The cooperative movement has contributed in helping bring out our country from many crises

* The Ministry of Cooperation has been created to strengthen, bring transparency, modernize, computerize and create competitive cooperatives

* Today, there are about 91 percent villages in the country, where there is some cooperative which is working, unlike anywhere else in the world

* Today, we are standing on a very strong platform and now is the time to set new goals and move forward to achieve these goals

* Our success will depend on four aspects, resolve, conscience, hard work and spirit of federalism

Ministry of Cooperation will work constantly to meet the challenge of accessibility to development for every deprived individual in rural areas

* Agriculture sector is the priority of the Narendra Modi Government, budget allocation for agriculture in 2009-10 was Rs.12,000 crore and in 2020-21 it was increased to Rs.1,34,499 crore

* For the first time, the Narendra Modi government has worked to benefit farmers by fixing MSP more than the cost

* Under Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Yojana, 11 crore farmers were given Rs.1,58,000 crore directly through DBT

* The Ministry of Cooperation, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will work in cohesion with all states. The Ministry has not been created for having conflicts

* We will begin drafting a new cooperative policy during the “Amrit Mahotsav” in the 75th year of our Independence

* There should be equitable development, all-encompassing development, all-inclusive development, and the development model should have the power to touch all

* As desired by the Prime Minister, the common person should be a part of the process of development, every house should prosper through cooperation and the country should prosper through the prosperity of every family, this is the mantra of “Sahakar se Samridhi” (Press Release)

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