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Covid-19: Congress targets as well as extends support to Modi government

New Delhi: The Congress party has targeted the Modi government over Covid-19 and also extended its support in fight against the virus.

Addressing a press conference here, Congress spokesperson Pawan Khera said that the Congress is
with the government in this fight against Covid-19 provided “the government also appears to be serious and concerned and appears to be addressing these hiccups in the vaccination programme”.

He said that the Centre should accept that there is a second wave of Corona in the country.

“Experts in India and across the world are calling it a second wave, the government should accept that this is a second wave or this will turn into a tsunami,” Khera said.

The Congress demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should frequently call all-party meetings as “this is a serious emergency we are looking at”.

“We have surpassed as a country, both US and Brazil to bag the number one position with regard to highest new cases, daily. One in seven new cases across the world is that of an Indian,” the Congress leader said.

Khera also said that the Government should urgently address concerns of Private Vaccine Manufacturers regarding paucity of funds.

He also demanded that the Centre should clear the way for the foreign vaccine manufacturers in India so that the vaccination drive acceleartes.

Khera compared vaccination numbers in Brazil, Germany, USA, and England to drive home his point.

“55.4% in England; 50% in the US; 17.2% in Germany and 10.3% of the population in Brazil has been vaccinated. This shows that the countries that allow different companies are able to give vaccines to more people,” Khera said.

He alleged that the Modi government’s policy is himdering entry of foreign vaccine manufacturers in India.

“Why is the Government by not bridging the innovation gap and insisting on local trials in the time of a pandemic, making it even more difficult for various vaccine manufacturers to enter India?” questoned Khera.

The grand-old party also alleged that Modi government has failed in vaccination planning.

“The other aspect of vaccine planning where the government failed was taking into account the comorbidities which are a part of lifestyle in India like diabetes, asthma, respiratory disorders etc. These were not taken into account while planning vaccine protocol,” Khera said.

He also crticised the reported police high-handedness in various parts of the country.

“Reports of Police high-handedness coming from various parts of the country and exorbitant challans in Delhi is not the answer to ensure adherence to covid-19 precautionary measures,” Khera said. (PW News)