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CPI-M Censures Modi Government

New Delhi:  The Polit Bureau of the Communist Party of India (Marxist) met online today.

 The CPI(M) extended its support and solidarity to ongoing farmers’ protest and demanded that the Modi government must immediately repeal the “disastrous Agri Laws”. 

The Polit Bureau paid homage to the nearly 300 kisans who lost their lives in this historic struggle during the last four months, said the party press release.

Solidarity With Central Trade Unions

The CPI (M) also extended its support and solidarity with the Central Trade Unions’ ongoing battles “against the wholesale privatisation  of the public sector units undertaken by the Modi government and the unbridled loot of national assets”.

The Polit Bureau extended its support to the ongoing people’s struggle in Andhra Pradesh against the privatisation of the Vizag Steel Plant, the release said, adding that “the Polit Bureau extends its support to the strike call by all unions of theBanks on March 15 & 16, the strike of the union’s of General Insurance Companies on March 17 and the strike by the union’s of Life Insurance Corporation on March 18.

Abdication by BJP Government from being Accountable to Parliament

The Polit Bureau said that the BJP government at the Centre is refusing to discuss burning people’s issues like the continuous hikes in the prices of petroleum products in the Parliament. 

“In order to avoid such discussions, the Parliament sessions have been cancelled till March 15. This is the worst instance of abandonment of the government’s accountability and answerability to the Parliament as prescribed by the Indian Constitution,” said the release.

The Polit Bureau reiterated the Party’s demand that the Central government must withdraw all the hikes in the excise duties on petroleum products.

The Polit Bureau also called upon the entire Party in the country to ensure the victory of the Left, democratic and secular forces in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Kerala, West Bengal, Tamilnadu, Assam, Puducherry and the Autonomous District Council elections across the state in Tripura. 

The main focus of the CPI(M) shall be to defeat the BJP which is essential for people’s welfare in the concerned states and for the unity and integrity of India as a whole, the party press release said. (PW News)