Hindutva under threat from those who used it to gain power: Uddhav

 Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray addresses Dussehra Rally in Mumbai on October 15, 2021. (Twitter/Shiv Sena Communication Cell)  

Mumbai: Shiv Sena President and Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on October 15, 2021, said that Hindutva is under threat from those who used it to gain power.

He said this while addressing the party’s annual Dussehra Rally here.  

Without naming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the Shiv Sena chief said, “Hindutva is under threat. It is under threat from those who have climbed the ladder of power using Hindutva. These people will now use the Britishers’ strategy to divide and rule. They will create differences in society. We need to be guarded against their nefarious motives.”

Uddhav said that Hindutva means love for the nation and social service

 “Hindutva means love for the nation. Balasaheb had said that we’re citizens first, religion comes later. When we step out of houses by keeping religion at home, the nation becomes our religion,” the Shiv Sena President was quoted by news agency ANI as saying.

He added: “Hindutva is social service. We don’t think of religion or caste at the time of donating blood. We don’t see if the blood is Hindu, Muslim, or Marathi.”

Maintaining that the ideology of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Shiv Sena is the same, Uddhav blamed the BJP for their ‘political breakup’  

“Two rallies happening today-ours & RSS’. Our paths may be different but ideology is same-Hindutva, so we went with the BJP. You (BJP) didn’t conform to promise, otherwise, we would’ve been together,” ANI quoted Uddhav as saying.

Justifying his decision to break political ties with the BJP, Uddhav said: “I became CM for the promise I made to my father. Other Shiv Sainiks will be CM too.”

In the last assembly elections, BJP and Shiv Sena broke decades-old ties over the post of Maharashtra Chief Minister.

Thackeray alleged that the Narendra Modi government has been targeting Maharashtra since Shiv Sena severed ties with the BJP.

“Maharashtra is being looked at through a different lens. While we are being targeted, why are places like Uttar Pradesh, where rapes happen, not criticised as well?”

Continuing his offensive against BJP-led Centre, the Shiv Sena supremo said that Shiv Sainiks are not afraid of Enforcement Directorate (ED) or Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) raids.

“Shivaji Maharaj and Shiv Sena founder (Balasaheb Thackeray) had taught us that we should not be afraid of anything. We are not scared of ED and CBI. We are not the ones to hide behind Police after making threats,” ANI quoted Uddhav as saying.

The Maharashtra CM also said that an honest discussion is needed on federalism and the rights of states in the country. (PW News)

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