Media portrays distorted reality of India: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses Congress Workers’ Convention in Goa on October 30, 2021. (Photo: Congress/Twitter)  

Taleigao: Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi on October 30, 2021, said that media portrays the distorted reality of India.

Addressing the Congress Workers’ Convention here in Goa, Rahul said that the national media overlooks important issues in the country.

“The media is a friend of the government in Delhi. It is a fact that the media portrays a distorted reality of this country. The media does not raise the issues of farmers, small and medium business people. GST is designed to harm small and medium businesses, farm laws are designed to destroy the lives of small traders and farmers. That is what is unfolding in this country,” he said.

The Congress leader, however, lauded local media in Goa by saying that “the media in Goa is more balanced than the national media, so that is heartening, that makes me happy that you are doing the job that you are supposed to do. I would like to thank the journalists who are being neutral and who are being fair; that is not the case unfortunately at the national level.”

The Congress leader repeated the allegation that the Narendra Modi government is helping ‘select businessmen’.

“The government of India is handing this country over to a few limited business people. For BJP- it doesn’t matter what happens to the country, doesn’t matter if hate is spread throughout the country but those 5 or 6 people have to benefit, this is the reality of India today.”

Gandhi alleged that the same 5-6 people are being benefitted in almost every sector.

“It doesn’t matter which sector, you will find the same 5 or 6 people benefitting, look at ports, look at airports, look at coal, look at agriculture, look at retail, look at telecom. What people have to realise is that 5 or 6 people are benefiting and millions and millions of people lives are being destroyed, systematically destroyed.”

“Airports also to Adani; ports also to Adani; Goa’s mining also to Adani; doubling of Railways also to Adani; coal hub also to Adani. So what will the people of Goa get?” Gandhi said, adding that today he promised to Goa’s fishermen that “no matter what happens; Congress will not allow a beautiful place like Goa to become a coal hub”.

He said that there is a difference between the ideology of the BJP and Congress and the upcoming assembly elections in Goa are the battle of ideas and the imagination of Goa.

“BJP is a political party that represents the idea that Goa has to be divided, the idea that Goans have to disrespect each other, the idea that Goans cannot share a future together. We are the political party that represents a united Goa; a prosperous Goa. We are the political party that represents that Goans can love each other, embrace each other.”

The Congress leader said that he wants Goa to show the rest of India that Goa can stand together, maintain and protect its wonderful culture, maintain and protect its beautiful environment, and still move forward with vigor and dynamism. (PW News)


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