Modi Govt sees China with closed eye: Congress

New Delhi: The Congress party on May 20, 2022, alleged that the Modi government is ignoring Chinese threat to India’s sovereignty.

The Congress tweeted: “The Modi govt looks at China the same way it looks at all other major problems plaguing the nation – with closed eye.

They can only see propaganda, not the real threat to our sovereignty. #PMChuppiTodo.”

The Congress’ tweet came after reports said that China is building second bridge across the Pangong Lake.

China has begun constructing a second bridge across the Pangong Lake that will be capable of accommodating heavy armoured vehicles, months after completing another bridge in the same region that is claimed by India, Hindustan Times reported.

The report added: “The second bridge is being constructed parallel to the first bridge, which is narrower and was completed in April this year. The new bridge is being built simultaneously from both banks and its dimensions suggest it will be capable of accommodating larger and heavier vehicles, including tanks and armoured vehicles.” (PW News)

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