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MP: House-to-house survey to identify Corona patients

Bhopal: Madhya Pradesh Health Minister Dr. Prabhuram Chaudhary informed that Kill Corona Campaign-2 will be conducted in rural areas of all districts from April 24 to May 9.

He informed that under the campaign, teams set up to break the transmission chain of Covid-19 will go and search for possible corona patients with fever symptoms in the hot spots selected by the District Collector and Chief Medical Officer in rural areas of all districts, where the Covid-19 positivity rate is increasing.

Dr. Chaudhary informed that teams have been formed and trained in all districts of the state for Kill Corona Campaign-2. Trained teams will conduct the development block-wise campaign. Health workers and ASHA workers involved in the campaign will also have adequate surveillance resources (Non-Contact Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, Triple Layer Mask, Face Shields, Gloves) and medicines required for treatment.

Cooperation of public representatives, NGOs, and social workers will also be taken in the campaign. He said that the objective of the campaign is to break the chain of infection by keeping Covid-19 infected persons isolated from the community.

The Health Minister informed that Identification, Isolation, Testing, and Treatment is being followed under the strategy of IITT in the state to prevent corona infection. Under this, quick treatment is being provided after early identification of the patients. (PR)