Odisha: Sabar tribal families postpone demonstration

Cuttack: 872  Sabar Tribal Families of Dhenkanal District led by State President Er Debashisha Hota postponed their demonstration at Cuttack on March 30, 2022,  after they got assurance from the Board of Revenue’s Member to Correct their wrongly entered Caste ‘Saara’ in RORs to “SABAR” on April 28, 2022, at Dhenkanal Camp Court by Sambalpur RDC.

In a press release, Er Hota informed that on June 12, 2009, a letter on the proposal of rectification of all land RORs from ‘Saara’ to ‘Sabar’, had been submitted by the then Principal Secretary in ST & SC Department vide letter No. 22106/SSD to Commissioner-cum-Secretary in Revenue and Disaster Management Department to delegate the power of Member of Board of Revenue to Collectors, so that wrong or erroneous recording of caste in RORs can be rectified at the lower level.

“Unfortunately, this proposal is still under consideration of the Government in Revenue and Disaster Management Department. Due to this deliberate negligence, the poor ‘Sabar’ Tribals are deprived of getting any Government benefits for the last 13 years. Even if in some places, the father’s caste is recorded as ‘Saara’ and his son as ‘Sabar’. Due to this type of mistake by the officials, the father is not recognized as ST, whereas the son is recognized as ST,” Hota said.

He added that he had a detailed discussion on this issue with Odisha ST SC Development Minister Sri Jagannath Saraka on February 18, 2022.

“After direction from Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, the Minister assured for Delegation of Board of Revenue’s Member’s Power for Caste Correction in RORs from Saara to Sabar to all District Collectors as demanded,” Hota said.

He also informed that the Orissa High Court in its Judgment Dated  April 19, 2019, for W.P.(C) No.5118/2016, also directed the victims to approach the Board of Revenue’s Member. Hence they filed 872 individual applications before the Member during 2020.

The release informed that despite Er. Hota continuously approached the officials on several occasions, Board of Revenue Member G.V.V. Sharma (IAS) didn’t do anything, and hence the victims were compelled to demonstrate before his office.

Er Hota has requested the Member to fulfil his written assurance within a month and warned that else the demonstration will continue. (Press Release)


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