Parliament’s Budget Session adjourns sine die, 18 Bills passed

New Delhi: The Budget Session, 2021 of Parliament, which commenced on Friday, 29January2021, was adjourned sine die on Thursday, 25 March 2021.

In between, Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha adjourned for recess on Friday, the 12th February, 2021 and Saturday, the 13th February, 2021 respectively and reassembled on Monday, the 8thMarch, 2021 to enable Departmentally related Standing Committees to examine and report on the Demands for Grants relating to various Ministries/Departments.

Speaking about the Budget Session, Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Prahlad Joshi stated that during the entire Budget Session, 2021 there were 24 sittings of Lok Sabha and 23 sittings of Rajya Sabha.

“The first part of the Budget Session yielded a total of 12 sittings of Lok Sabha and 11 sittings of Rajya Sabha. There were 12 sittings of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively in the second part of the session,” informed Joshi.

The Session, which was originally scheduled to have sittings till 8 April, 2021, was curtailed due to demand of Leaders of various political parties in both the Houses so that Members could participate in the election process in certain States/UTs.

This being the first Session of the year, the President addressed both Houses of Parliament assembled together on 29thJanuary, 2021.

The Union Budget for 2021- 22 was presented on Monday, the 1st of February, 2021. General Discussion on the Union Budget was held in both Houses in the first part of this Session. 

This engaged the Lok Sabha for 14 Hours 44 minutes against allotted 10 Hours and Rajya Sabha for10 Hours 56 minutes against allotted 10 Hours, said the minister

18 Bills passed by Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

During this Session a total of 20 Bills (17 in Lok Sabha and 03 in Rajya Sabha) were introduced. 18 Bills were passed by Lok Sabha and 19 Bills were passed by Rajya Sabha. Total number of Bills passed by both Houses of Parliament is 18, said Joshi. (PR)

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