PM Modi lauds India’s vaccine manufacturers

Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacts with India’s vaccine manufacturers through video conferencing in New Delhi on April 20, 2021.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has lauded India’s vaccine manufacturers by saying that the biggest strengths of the Indian vaccine industry are its ‘Samarthya, Sansadhan, and Seva Bhaav’, and these are what make them a vaccine leader in the world.

He said this while holding virtual interaction with the country’vaccine manufacturers on Tuesday.

Believing in the ability of Indian vaccine manufacturers, PM Modi said that the government has now allowed the vaccination programme for every adult starting 1st May.

He urged the vaccine manufacturers to continuously scale up the production capacity to vaccinate Indians in the shortest possible time. He also appreciated the efforts and studies being conducted by Indian scientists in the development of new vaccines.

Noting that Indian vaccines are the cheapest, PM Modi said the world’s largest vaccine programme is underway in India.

PM Modi remarked that throughout this process of developing and manufacturing vaccines, the country has constantly worked with the spirit of public-private partnership under the ‘Mission Covid Suraksha’, and created an end-to-end vaccine development ecosystem.

“The Government ensured that all the vaccine manufacturers not only get all possible help and logistic support, but also the process of vaccine approval is speedy and scientific,” said the Prime Minister.

He also assured all possible support and smooth approval process for the vaccine candidates, which are currently under trial phase.

Maintaining that the health infrastructure of the Indian private sector has played a big role in the country’s fight against Covid-19, he said that the sector will play an even more active role in the vaccination drive in the coming days.

The vaccine manufacturers thanked the Prime Minister for the Government’s decision of allowing vaccination for everyone above the age of 18 and for the government’s support throughout the process of vaccine development and production. They also discussed their plans to ramp up production, upcoming vaccine candidates, and research on the new variants. (PR)

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