PM Modi’s policies creating two Indias: Rahul Gandhi

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi (File Photo)

Makes four promises to people of Uttrakhand

Haridwar: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s policies are creating two Indias.

He was addressing virtual ‘Uttarakhandi Swabhiman’ rally from here on February 5, 2022.

“Policies of Narendra Modi ji are creating two Indias: One India of a 100 Super Rich people who own more wealth than 40% of our population. Another India where millions lack jobs & opportunities, get their incomes & land snatched away, & get impoverished by high prices,” Rahul said.

Talking about demonetisation, Rahul said: “Did you see any wealthy person in bank’s queue? But, people from second India were standing in the queues.”

He also said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had promised to give Indians Rs 15 lakh in their bank accounts, and two crore jobs every year but all proved to be lies.

Talking about the repealed farm laws, the Congress leader said: “Our farmers have emphatically told the BJP-RSS regime that they will not be threatened, bought or suppressed. This message given clearly by farmers to the government was very necessary.”

Urging the voters to form a Congress government in the state, he said that Congress is giving four promises to the people of Uttrakhand.

“Congress will give 4 lakh jobs to youth; gas cylinder at the rate of Rs 500, Rs 40000 will directly be transferred to the bank accounts of 5 lakh families under Nyaya Yojana, and health services will be taken to the doorsteps of people.”

He also exuded confidence that Congress will form the next government in the state when results will be announced on March 10, 2022.

Elections will be held in Uttarakhand on 14 February 2022 to elect 70 members of the Uttarakhand Legislative Assembly. (PW News)

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