Shah inaugurates conference on PM Modi

Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah addressing at the launch of the three-day National Conference on “Delivering Democracy: Two Decades of the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi as Head of Government”, in New Delhi on October 27, 2021. (PIB)

New Delhi: Union Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Cooperation Amit Shah today inaugurated a three-day National Conference on “Delivering Democracy: Two Decades of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi as Head of Government”, organised by the Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini.

Former Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis and other dignitaries were present on the occasion. 

Here are the Highlights of Amit Shah’s Speech:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is best known by people of India on basis of his thoughts, work and achievements

In the late 1960s and by 2014, a very big question had clouded people’s minds on whether our multiparty democratic system will be successful

By 2014, concept of Ram Rajya or Welfare State had collapsed

In 2014, the people took the decision with great patience and voted a government with full majority after 30 years, with Shri Narendra as the Prime Minister

In 2001, our party decided that Shri Narendra Modi would be Chief Minister of Gujarat, at a time of a big crisis after the earthquake when the state was trying to come to terms with it

When Shri Modi became the Chief Minister, he tried to observe and understand the situation and brought many changes

He worked on reforms and transparency, according to him, changing the method is not reform, but changing the situation on the ground is reform

The biggest work that Shri Modi did was to initiate an all-encompassing and all-inclusive development

At the time of the 2014 elections, previous government had completed ten years and members of the cabinet would not consider the Prime Minister as the Prime Minister, but every person behaved like the Prime Minister himself

There was policy paralysis in the country, there was no surety of the security of the country, respect of the country abroad was probably at the lowest level, scams and corruption of Rs.12 lakh crore

Many questions confronted internal security and it looked as if our democratic system would collapse any time

At that time our party decided that the Chief Minister of Gujarat would be our party’s prime ministerial candidate in the 2014 Elections

Amidst several movements taking place at that time, this announcement brought about a new type of change in the country, turning anger into hope and we witnessed this

Shri Narendra Modi’s tenure began in 2014 and there has been a big change in every field in the country

Only words like governance, reforms, good governance cannot alone solve problems of a country

The problem is not only the administration and economic growth, but also pride and culture of the country have to be taken forward, security of the country has to be ensured

A different approach is needed and it is only in a mass leader who has risen from the grassroots who can bring a new approach

Prime Minister has placed the human angle of GDP before the people by giving a different perspective on welfare of the poor

There can be economic reform but its focus should be the poorest of the poor

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has increased value of Indian passport and county’s standing abroad

Inclusive development means ensuring security of country so that from a child to an old man it is assured that no one will cast an evil eye on the country

Earlier country’s defense policy was always in the shadow of foreign policy, Narendra Modi separated the country’s defense and foreign policy

Even though Shri Modi considers himself to be a pradhan sevak with great humility, I can say that after Independence, if there is any successful Prime Minister of the country, then it is him

Prime Minister has changed size and scale of plans, today policies are made not for the individual, groups, states or party, but only in national interest

After the 1960s, policies were made to suit the liking of the people, but Shri Narendra Modi’s policies are for the people’s benefit and he has taken policy decisions without fear of consequences

There are two main focal points of decisions of the Modi Government, one is the poorest person and the citizen and the other is the focal point of all other policies of India

Shri Narendra Modi took many tough decisions including demonetisation, many people were against it, but he took this decision boldly, so that the nation moves towards e-payment and the elimination of Black Money

The Prime Minister has become the leading ambassodor of Indian culture on the world stage, got the consent of 177 countries for Yoga Day and placed Yoga and Ayurveda before the world

If anyone has given a speech at the United Nations and become a flag bearer of India’s culture, then it is our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi

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