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Sonia pooh-poohs Centre’s vaccine policy

New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi has pooh-poohed Modi government’s Covid-19 vaccine policy.

Sonia said that the Centre’s vaccine policy has encouraged profiteering.

“Our party believes that in this pandemic, the bulk of the people should be given vaccines for free. The Central government should take this responsibility by holding discussion with the vaccine manufacturers, ” Sonia Gandhi said in a statement.

She added that “instead, the Centre developed a system wherein there are multiple prices of vaccines and profiteering is being encouraged”.

Terming the increased vaccine supply and reduction in the rate of vaccine as the most urgent tasks, the Congress President said, “Dr. Manmohan Singh’s suggestion to invoke compulsory licensing to expand vaccine availability must be acted upon without further delay.”

Sharpening attack on BJP-led Union government, Sonia said that the Centre didn’t plan like other countries to tackle Covid pandemic.

“Isn’t it the duty of the government to facilitate production, place advance orders, and strengthen supply chains? Modi government didn’t place any orders (of vaccines) till January 2021, and whatever it ordered was minuscule as per the country’s requirements,” Sonia said.

Sonia’s statement comes after a day when former Congress president and her son Rahul Gandhi demanded the Centre to provide free covid vaccine to all Indians. (PW News)