Technology for us is medium to empower Indians: PM Modi

PM addresses the post-budget webinar on ‘Technology Enabled Development’ in New Delhi on March 02, 2022. (Photo/PIB)

New Delhi: Technology for us is a medium to empower the people of the country. For us, technology is the mainstay of making the country Aatmnirbhar. The same vision is reflected in this year’s budget as well.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this on March 2, 2022, while addressing the seventh webinar in the series of post-budget webinars to consult and encourage stakeholders to fully implement the themes of the budget in a time-bound manner.

The Prime Minister emphasised that for this government, science and technology is not isolated sector. In the field of economy, the vision is linked with areas like the digital economy and fintech. Similarly, advance technology has a huge role in infrastructure and public service delivery related vision.

He talked of President Biden’s latest address to underline the importance of Aatmnirbharta as developed countries like the USA are also talking about this.

“In the light of emerging new global systems, it is critical that we move forward with a focus on Aatmnirbharta,” he said.

PM Modi highlighted the Budget’s emphasis on sunrise sectors like Artificial Intelligence, Geo-spatial Systems, Drones, Semi-conductors, Space technology, Genomics, Pharmaceuticals and Clean Technologies to 5G.

He said that the Budget lays down a clear roadmap for 5G spectrum auction and PLI schemes have been proposed for design-led manufacturing related to a strong 5G eco-system. He asked the Private sector to increase their efforts in this area.

Referring to the dictum ‘Science is Universal and Technology is Local’, the Prime Minister said, “We are familiar with the principles of science, but we have to emphasize on how to make maximum use of technology for the Ease of Living.”

He mentioned investment in house constructions, railway, airways, waterways and optical fibres. He called for ideas of using technologies in these important areas.

Noting the expanding global market for gaming, the Prime Minister said that the budget has focussed on Animation Visual Effects Gaming Comic (AVGC).

Similarly, he also stressed the need to have toys adapted to the Indian milieu and needs. Stressing the centrality of communication centres and fintech, Prime Minister Modi asked for indigenous ecosystem with less foreign dependence for both.

He also exhorted the private sector to take maximum advantage of the change of rules for the use of geospatial data and the infinite opportunities that have emerged due to the reform.

The Prime Minister also emphasised the importance of a robust data security framework for the country and asked the gathering for a roadmap for setting standards and norms for that.

Referring to the third-largest start-up ecosystem, i.e. Indian start-up ecosystem, Prime Minister Modi assured the sector of full support from the government.

“A portal has also been proposed for skilling, re-skilling and up-skilling of youth in the budget. With this, youth will get the right jobs and opportunities through API based trusted skill credentials, payment and discovery layers,” the Prime Minister informed.

He also spoke about the 2 lakh crore rupees worth PLI schemes in 14 key sectors, in order to promote manufacturing in the country. The Prime Minister gave a clear direction to the stakeholders to provide practical suggestions in the areas like the use of optical fibres in the citizen services, e-waste management, circular economy and electric mobility.  (Press Release)

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